Wisdom Teeth Extraction Dundas, Hamilton

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Dundas, Hamilton

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Are you looking for a dentist near you in Dundas, ON for wisdom teeth extraction? If so, we invite you to look no further than the gentle and compassionate care you’ll receive from our dentists at Royal East Dental. Our dental clinic offers a warm and welcoming environment with quality treatment, including teeth removal. Whether you seek care for simple tooth removal or wisdom tooth removal, our dentists near you specialize in safe and efficient extractions.

Sedation Dentistry for Surgical Tooth Extraction

When choosing a dentist in Dundas to remove wisdom teeth, it’s essential to know what types of sedation dentistry are offered in concert with the procedure. Because wisdom tooth extraction is considered more invasive than a non-surgical tooth extraction, having a choice in sedation types is as important to know as choosing the dentist you will use when searching for “wisdom tooth extraction near me.” When you meet with our dentists for your infected wisdom tooth extraction, we’ll design a treatment plan that has the option to include oral conscious sedation, laughing gas sedation, or IV sedation.

Customized Treatment Plans

Your customized treatment plan for wisdom teeth extraction in Dundas, ON, will not only include the type of sedation recommended for your procedure but include pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions. Your treatment plan will be specific to your need since every patient is unique in their need for wisdom tooth extraction. For example, some wisdom teeth need to be removed even though there is no pain associated with the tooth’s emergence. Conversely, if your wisdom tooth is impacted, you may experience pain as a signal that it’s time to extract. In general, wisdom tooth extraction is performed as follows:

  • An incision is made to expose the tooth
  • The tooth is removed
  • The site is cleaned and stitched
  • Gauze is placed over the extraction site

Your aftercare plan will restrict the types of beverages and food you can eat for a limited period, and you’ll receive instructions on pain management. You’ll also receive information to contact our dentist in Hamilton, ON at any time during your recovery.

If you’d like to get started, we invite you to make an appointment for wisdom teeth extraction in Hamilton to learn more today.

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