Clear Aligners in Dundas, Hamilton

Clear Aligners in Dundas, Hamilton

Traditional metal braces aren’t the most appealing option for many people with misaligned teeth. At Royal East Dental we have many options of clear aligners near you, to bring you one step closer to a straighter smile.

We like to let our patients know ahead of time that clear braces and clear aligners are often used on adults who have previously had braces. However, those who never had traditional braces can still use for this amazing cosmetic dentistry service!

What Are Teeth Aligners?

Teeth straightening near you tools like SureSmile®, and Clear Correct® aligners consist of a system of clear, BPA-free plastic aligners custom-made to suit your teeth. Your teeth will progressively move into place as a result of this.

For kids and adults who desire a straighter smile without the sight of metal braces, clear aligners are quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions. In less than a year, you can have a straight grin, thanks to a simple treatment procedure.

How it Works

Royal East Dental will have one of our friendly and thorough team members meet with you for a consultation. If we determine dental aligners are a good fit for you, we’ll set an appointment for your teeth to be photographed.

These photos are digital molds used to calculate, design, and manufacture a series of clear aligners that will gradually shift your teeth into their new and improved positions. There are no wires, brackets, or special cleanings required.

Over time you’ll get numerous sets of invisible teeth aligners custom-made for you that will provide light pressure to each tooth that must be shifted. To keep your teeth moving, you’ll need to update your aligners every two weeks.

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If you’re dreading the thought of long dental sessions, drilling, and tightening wires, transparent aligners from Royal East Dental might be the solution for you!

Clear aligners can efficiently straighten your teeth in roughly half the time it takes with conventional braces by using a set of transparent, custom-fit aligners. The therapy procedure is straightforward and quick, and there are no brackets or wires to contend with. Join all of those who have transformed their smiles through our cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. Give us a call or book your appointment online!

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