Airflow Dental Cleaning

Airflow Dental Cleaning

What is Airflow Dental Cleaning?

Airflow dental cleaning or air polishing is a professional stain removal system that uses a combination of air, water, and fine powder to remove dental plaque, stains, and other stubborn debris from teeth and gums. This painless procedure of dental cleaning has become increasingly popular among dental patients.
It can be suitable for adults and children and can remove stains caused by medicine(iron supplement) as well.
The procedure not only removes the stubborn stain from your teeth’ surface but also reduces the risk of developing gum diseases. The narrow nozzle of this device can flex around the teeth and adapt to clean the deep pockets under the gumline.
Airflow treatment is a great way to stay on top of your dental health by keeping your gum diseases at bay.
It’s also suitable for those who find professional dental cleaning very sensitive.
You can undoubtedly opt for this procedure and it will give you the dazzling healthy smile you want.

How is Airflow Cleaning Treatment Done?

The Airflow dental cleaning unit directs a fine spray of powder, air, and water to remove dental plaque, debris, and stains. The power used in this procedure is usually a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and other dental ingredients i.e safe for use. As mentioned earlier, this can be used in patients who are sensitive to regular dental cleaning and require numbing before teeth cleaning or scaling.
The procedure can be effectively performed in hard-to-reach areas inside your mouth like the interdental region and the back of the molars. The cleaning process does not cause any discomfort or pain and is least likely to cause damage to the teeth or gums.

Benefits of Airflow Cleaning:

Airflow dental cleaning offers a plethora of benefits over professional dental cleanings that includes:

  • Effective cleaning in a gentle way: The combination of air, fine powder, and water blasts away the plaque and stains leaving the tooth clean and bright.
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay: By removing the plaque and debris effectively, airflow dental cleaning reduces the risk of tooth decay and improves your overall oral hygiene. Hence reduces dental treatment costs in the long run.
  • Faster and more efficient cleaning: The cleaning is faster and more efficient than traditional dental cleaning. It can remove plaque and stains in lesser time; so that dental professionals can clean more teeth in a single appointment.
  • Improved appearance: It can remove surface stains and improve the overall appearance of your teeth and boost self-confidence.
  • Reduced sensitivity: It is a gentle tooth cleaning that is less likely to cause tooth sensitivity and involves less scraping and polishing of the tooth.

Airflow Cleaning in Dundas

If you find yourself sensitive to traditional dental cleaning and polishing, airflow dental cleaning is your go-to option. The airflow dental cleaning is a safe option that can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases by several folds. At Royal East Dental, our expert dentists will help you go through the procedure comfortably. Our clinic is equipped with special air polishing devices like Air Flow plus and KaVo PROPHYflex 4; On average the airflow dental cleaning will cost you only around $30 per session. However, it can range from $36 to $120 based on the presence of calculus, plaque, and stain. To know more about the insurance policies over such treatment, consult our dentists today.


How to remove stains from teeth?

The surface stains from the teeth can be easily removed with traditional as well as airflow dental cleaning. Nowadays airflow cleaning has become popular as this not only removes surface stains effectively but also removes plaque debris from your teeth. The fine spray of water, air, and power will make your teeth look brighter and healthier right after the first appointment.

Are airflow teeth cleaning painless?

Unlike regular dental scalers, you will not experience any pain or sensitivity althroughout the procedure. The powder used with air and water stream is safe to use. Even for patients with implants, it’s safe to undergo the procedure with o risk of scratching or scuffing.

Does airflow dental cleaning have side effects?

There is almost very minimal to no risk involved in the airflow dental cleaning procedure. The airflow will gently remove the plaque and debris surrounding the brackets(if you have undergone orthodontic treatment earlier). The only side effect that you can have is the possibility of causing small cuts in the oral mucosa; that too very minute cuts!

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