Why Root Canal Treatment Works and Shouldn’t Be Feared
Why Root Canal Treatment Works and Shouldn’t Be Feared
July 7, 2022

Understand Root Canal Treatment

If your dentist has recently advised you need to root canal treatment, you must undergo the procedure. It is one of the most beneficial dental procedures and will be the best for your oral health. Many become anxious when told they need root canal treatment, but there is no need to worry. Root canal therapy has changed dentistry for the better by giving practitioners the ability to treat specific conditions, often with very few complications and amazing results!

When considering a root canal treatment, ensure they are done by a trusted dentist who is highly skilled, has experience with this, and can perform the procedure precisely and efficiently. Let’s find the benefits of root canal treatment so that you can see them from a different perspective. The four we’ll be looking at are infection prevention, maintenance of a healthy jawbone, preservation of your pearly whites, and protection against hypersensitive sensations.

Benefit #1: Infection Prevention

Root canal treatment is often necessary when tooth decay has progressed to the tooth’s inner layers. If you leave these cavities untreated, the infection can reach the pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves. This is when symptoms become bothersome and prompt people to see their dentist.

The only way to effectively stop the infection is with a root canal. This procedure involves drilling into the affected tooth to reach the pulp. All infected tissue is removed, and the area is treated with an antimicrobial solution, disinfecting the tooth. Then, your dentist seals the tooth to prevent any further decay.

Benefit #2: Maintenance of a Healthy Jawbone

When you lose a tooth, or one is extracted, the gums and tissues underneath it begin to shrink. The lack of teeth stops the jawbone from getting the stimulation it needs to grow, so it starts to deteriorate. Root canal treatments preserve your natural teeth and underlying jawline, so you don’t have to worry about complications that might require tooth extraction.

Benefit #3: Preservation of Your Pearly Whites

Root canal treatment is the best way to save a tooth that has become infected. Before this treatment, it would have to be extracted if a tooth was infected. Nowadays, root canal treatment can help to preserve your natural teeth. If you have tooth decay, it does not mean your tooth is a lost cause. Rather, some of the tissue in your tooth is infected and may even be dead. By removing all of this tissue, your tooth will be healthy again.

Benefit #4: Protection against Hypersensitive Sensations

Most people don’t know that getting a root canal near you can effectively treat tooth hypersensitivity. This issue can be quite annoying and may even negatively impact a person’s quality of life—they can’t eat food and drinks that are hot or cold.

While many treatments are available, not everything works for everyone since it could be a nerve issue. A dentist may suggest root canal treatment as a therapeutic option in the most severe cases.

During this procedure, the dentist takes the nerve out of the tooth, which should be enough to stop the hypersensitivity. While this sounds extreme, it is one of the most invasive forms of tooth sensitivity treatment, reserved for severe cases.


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