Know Laser Dentistry- Benefits and Cost
Know Laser Dentistry- Benefits and Cost
February 6, 2023

Are you an anxious dental patient and want to avoid dental treatments that include drilling and numbing shots lasting for hours? Then you have good news! You can skip this part of dentistry and still get dental treatment done with extreme safety and comfort. Want to know, how? Laser dentistry can provide precise and effective treatment for many dental problems. Unlike traditional dental procedures, most of these treatments are painless and require no anesthetic shots. To learn more, let’s take a look at some of the surprising benefits of laser dentistry.


  • Get a pain-free treatment: As per studies, almost 60 percent of patients do have dentophobia. The fear is mainly associated with the sound of a dental drill; people often connect the pain with it. However, laser dentistry is much less anxiety-inducing and does not have any alarming sounds or smells associated with it.
    LASER dentistry benefits both younger patients and those who harbor a fear of dentistry and help them to get a pain-free dental treatment.
  • Lower the chances of bacterial infection: The LASER we use in our dental practice is a concentrated beam of radioactive light. This can burn diseased gum tissues and even carious tooth structures. The heat produced from the LASER sterilizes the area surrounding the procedure. This lowers the chances of bacterial infection and contamination which would have happened with traditional procedures otherwise.
  • Reduced bleeding: If you have gum diseases or ever had your gums treated, you might have noticed that they bleed a lot. A LASER treatment improves blood clotting instead. The high-energy light beam aids in coagulation(clotting) of the exposed blood vessels(arteries and veins). For this, you will have less bleeding and a better experience after getting a gum disease treatment.
  • Reduced swelling: After getting your gum treatment, you may have swollen gums. However, with lasers, the patients generally get minimal or absolutely no swelling after a gum disease treatment.
  • Faster wound healing: The benefits of lasers in dentistry are endless. This can help your tissues grow faster and healthier. Patients report faster recovery and less scarring after getting a laser treatment.
  • No need for anesthetic shots: Another major thing that many patients do have is fear of injection. This hinders them from getting their dental treatment right away. In traditional dental procedures, anesthetic shots have been used to numb the target area(the area that needs to be treated) of your mouth. The experience of getting your teeth numb for hours is not at all pleasant. And what’s even worse is the taste of the anesthetic in your mouth.
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues: LASER dentistry provides extremely precise treatment including teeth cleaning. With laser treatment, you can expect less pain and less contact with surrounding tissues. These highly focused light beams save you from unwanted damage to surrounding tissues and leave you feeling much better after treatment.
  • Gentle on your sensitive teeth: A lot of people experience tooth sensitivity at some point in their life. We have seen the LASER treatment benefits for average patients. However, it works exceptionally well for patients with sensitive teeth as well.



What are the procedures performed with LASER dentistry?

The FDA has approved a variety of lasers for their use in dentistry. They can be broadly grouped as “soft” and “hard” tissue lasers. A wide range of soft tissue procedures, like gingivectomy and frenectomy, can be performed, along with treatments for various gum diseases and the elimination of bacteria and their toxins.
Hard tissue procedures like tooth decay and hypersensitivity treatment are the most commonly performed ones.

How much does laser dentistry cost?

Many might think that laser treatments are expensive enough in comparison to traditional treatment options. Contrary to popular belief, laser treatment doesn’t increase the cost of the procedure. This is often considered a tool to deliver the right treatment that you need.

Is LASER treatment safe for your teeth?

As per our expert dentist in Dundas, laser treatment is safer than other traditional dental procedures. Our professionals will ensure that your teeth or tissues are not overexposed to any kind of laser that could harm you in any way.

Can I get LASER treatment if I have a pacemaker or ortho device?

Patients with pacemakers are unable to get certain types of procedures. The tools used for such procedures may often interfere with the pacemaker. Laser treatment can be an excellent option for these patients and can even treat those having orthodontic devices in place.

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