How to Tell When It’s Time to Go to Emergency Dental Care
How to Tell When It’s Time to Go to Emergency Dental Care
November 1, 2022

Emergency Dental Care

It’s important to know when a dental emergency is necessary. When you are in a situation where you are experiencing a dental problem, it is crucial to know if this is a dental emergency, so you can decide whether to go to the dentist or wait for it to subside.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any condition that causes severe pain and requires immediate treatment. It can be a broken tooth or an infection that spreads quickly.

Do not confuse a dental check-up with a dental emergency. A dental check-up is recommended twice a year, and you must schedule regular visits with your dentist. However, if you have reason to believe that your tooth is broken or infected, it’s important to get in touch with a dentist as soon as possible.

When Does a Dental Emergency Happen?

Gums are Bleeding

Bleeding gums are a sign of a dental emergency. If you notice bleeding gums, it’s essential to contact your dentist as soon as possible. The cause of the bleeding may be an infection or another problem that needs immediate attention.

Painful Jaw

A painful jaw, particularly if accompanied by other symptoms like swelling or difficulty chewing, is a sign of a dental emergency. If you have a painful jaw and cannot open your mouth more than 1 inch wide, it may be time to go to the dentist.

Painful Tooth

A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth. It can be caused by an infection of the gum tissue, which will typically go away with treatment from your dentist.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth that is infected with bacteria can sometimes form a pocket of pus, causing an abscess. The infection causes moderate to severe pain and may be accompanied by the feeling that your ear or neck has been pierced when you bite down. If you ignore a tooth abscess, the infection can spread and cause other serious problems.

Chipped Tooth

A broken, cracked, or chipped tooth can be painful and lead to further decay. If you have a cracked tooth, it’s best to get it treated by your dentist as soon as possible because this damage makes it more likely for bacteria to enter the dental pulp inside your teeth and cause an infection.

Missing Fillings and Crowns

If a tooth has been damaged, a crown or filling may come loose. The crown and filling may be uncomfortable because, in many cases, the tooth underneath is sensitive to temperatures. Missing fillings and crowns are usually due to tooth decay. If there is decay underneath, the tooth might change shape, which could be why the crown doesn’t fit properly anymore.


If you notice one of these symptoms above, it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth is damaged, there may be treatment options available that can help restore your teeth and prevent further damage. So, don’t delay treatment. Symptoms of the conditions above won’t subside or get better without the intervention of your dentist.

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