How Often Must Your Kids Get Cleaning from a Dentist?
How Often Must Your Kids Get Cleaning from a Dentist?
August 13, 2022

Kids Dental Cleaning

Children need to have regular dental cleanings to maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing at home are important, but it is not enough to keep teeth and gums healthy and strong. A wellness checkup with the dentist can help identify any problems and develop a treatment plan. But how often do your little ones need a dental trip?

What Usually Happens

A regular checkup at the dentist usually only takes an hour or less. The dental staff will look at the patient’s oral health history and then take X-rays of the mouth. Next, a hygienist will scrape any plaque or buildup on the teeth. This is crucial since it can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral problems.

The hygienist will clean all sides of your teeth using an ultrasonic dental tool. They will then floss your teeth and polish them. Once the cleaning part of the appointment is over, the dentist will review your X-rays for cavities and other concerns and then examine your teeth and gums.

The Right Time for Kids to Start Visiting the Dentist

As soon as a child’s first tooth appears, parents should make an appointment with the dentist. Most teeth usually appear when the child is six months old. Dentists recommend that parents bring their children in for an appointment six months after their first tooth appears.

The first few years of appointments will not include many dental cleaning services. Instead, your kid’s dentist will look for signs of trouble and developing issues. The dentist will follow up with the parents to ensure they are helping the child brush and take care of their teeth.

How Often the Visits Should Be

Like adults, kids must visit the dentist every six months, starting from the first visit. This should continue throughout adulthood to maintain good dental health. Those who struggle with gum disease or cavities may need to visit more frequently.

Keep It Consistent

Children must go to the dentist not only to brush their teeth, but also to floss. The dentist can help prevent cavities, infections, and other oral health problems. If parents neglect to take their children to the dentist, their children may not be taking care of their teeth properly.

The dentist can find problems during your kid’s cleaning session before they become too serious. They will also provide treatment for tooth decay, gum disease, and other abnormalities the child cannot get at home. Regular cleanings help establish a pattern of good dental health throughout life.

As mentioned earlier, taking your child to the dentist every six months is important for cleaning. Marking the schedule in your calendar will help, since you’ll eventually see the days left before the next appointment.

Regular visits allow the dentist to detect and fix problems before they worsen, and train your kid to properly take care of their teeth and gums. Putting off these appointments can lead to decay and other problems, so be sure to schedule a wellness checkup with your child’s dentist as soon as possible.

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