How Long Do Dental Exams and Cleanings Take?
How Long Do Dental Exams and Cleanings Take?
June 1, 2022

Dental Exams and Cleaning

Mouth infection is a cause of concern. It’s because it can spread to other vital parts of your body. Dental exams and cleanings in Dundas, ON are preventive dental care services. They aim to enhance the oral health of a person in the long term. Regular examination and cleaning go hand in hand.

What Are Dental Exams?

Dental exams are the evaluation of gums and teeth. They help the dental expert detect gum diseases, decay, and other oral health issues at the early stages. Adults and kids must schedule a dental examination every six months.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

Professional teeth cleanings remove the accumulation of plaque, bacteria, and tartar using special dental tools. It helps prevent gum diseases, cavities, and loss of a tooth, giving you a gorgeous smile. Professional cleaning is done by a dental hygienist or a dentist in Hamilton, ON.

How Much Time Do Dental Cleaning and Exams Take?

Teeth cleaning is a part of a dental check-up, which will take 30 minutes – one hour. The total time usually depends on the amount of plaque accumulation, age, and the health of your teeth. If you have more tartar accumulation, cavities, and poor oral health, teeth cleaning can take one hour.

Dental exams are a part of yearly check-ups. They can last for 45–60 minutes. For kids, professional cleanings and dental exams are usually shorter.

What Does a Dental Exam and Cleaning Include? 

Routine cleaning and check-up procedure is painless. During a dental exam, the dentist in Dundas, ON takes pictures of the interior and exterior of the mouth. They show the soft tissues, the color of the gum tissue, and the condition of the teeth.

Then, the dental expert takes x-rays of your teeth to find the signs of cavities. These digital x-rays show the problem that cannot be visible by just looking at the mouth.

The dental expert also looks out for irregularities like oral cancer and other dental conditions. These X-rays also help in identifying the bone level of every tooth. Then, the expert examines every tooth and the nearby gum tissues. Also, the dentist checks the amount of supporting bone around the tooth to find out if it is enough or not.

Next, the professional gets rid of the plaque and lookout for gum diseases. In case of plaque accumulation beneath the gum lining, the dental professional can fix the issue with dental scaling.

The dentist then examines every tooth for cracks and chipping that may result in pain. He/she will also check your existing dental restorations and the condition of tooth enamel to find out the risk of cavities.

After the comprehensive oral exam, the dental professional tells you about your gums and teeth health and suggests appropriate treatments like addressing crooked or misaligned teeth, teeth whitening, etc.

A dental hygienist does the majority of professional teeth cleanings, He/she starts by conducting a physical examination of the mouth. Then, the dental hygienist examines gums and teeth using a small mirror. It helps in identifying the symptoms of gingivitis and other concerns. The dental hygienist might contact the dentist in Dundas, ON, if there are considerable issues.

Next, the dental hygienist removes tartar and plaque with the scalar. After that, the expert uses a high-powered electric toothbrush for deep cleaning teeth. Now, he/she gets in between the teeth and determines the problematic areas that can cause gum bleeding.

The expert then flosses the teeth to discard the leftover toothpaste or plaque build-up. The dental hygienist will wash your mouth using a solution containing liquid fluoride.

Applying fluoride treatment shields teeth against cavities for several months. Then, the expert puts a foamy gel into a mouthpiece that fits perfectly over the teeth.

Then, the dental hygienist waits for one to two minutes. He/she also uses a fluoride varnish. When the varnish gets in touch with the saliva, it gets solid. It helps you drink and eat food instantly after the professional cleaning treatment.

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Good oral health provides a gorgeous smile and keeps the rest of the body healthy. So, you must receive dental exams and cleanings every six months, depending on your oral health. Also, ensure you maintain a perfect oral health care routine at home. It will help you get the most advantage from the exams and teeth cleaning.

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