Emergency Dentistry Types and Treatment
Emergency Dentistry Types and Treatment
May 1, 2021

Emergency Dentistry In Dundas, Hamilton

Because we at Royal East Dental provide comprehensive care, you don’t need to suffer or wait hours in the local emergency room before getting urgent dental care. Next time you need emergency treatment, visit our dentist’s office near you.

If you are in pain, don’t resist visiting our clinic for dental emergency procedures. Our dentists will accommodate you and see to it that you get the care you need.

A dental emergency is a situation where you need immediate dental care to save teeth or get you out of pain. Dentists need to provide these services because any delay may cause permanent damage, or you might undergo more expensive and complicated treatment procedures in the future.

Most dental emergencies often happen when you least expect them. Sometimes, the time of the occurrence may not be ideal or convenient for you to go to your family dentist for treatment. If you encounter this situation, please contact Royal East Dental immediately for an emergency dental examination in Dundas, Hamilton, ON.

If you suffer from any of the following dental problems, don’t waste any time, as this can worsen the situation. You can trust that our emergency dentist will make every effort to deal with your emergency dental problems on the same day without an appointment.

What Counts As a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can at times mean an injury or trauma to your jaw. If you are wondering if you have a dental emergency, find below some of the more common dental emergencies that our dentist treats.


Having a toothache is one of the most common dental emergencies. Excruciating pain causes major discomforts in a person. It could have many different causal factors, such as gum infections, tooth decay, abscesses, bare roots, etc.

Before visiting our clinic for dental emergencies, we recommend you rinse your mouth with warm water. To relieve the pain, use a cold cloth or ice pack to cool the side of the chin closest to the toothache. Leave it on the sore area for 20 minutes. After that, remove the rag and warm the chin again. Repeat until the pain disappears.

Losing a crown or a filling

Some people have at least one filler or crown in their mouth. Due to normal wear and tear, the filling or crown may fall off, and this should not be taken lightly. Firstly, this may indicate that another tooth decay has formed on your teeth. Second, if there are no fillings or crowns on the teeth, sensitivity and tooth temperature deterioration may occur.

If this happens, be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water. After this, it’s important to fill your cavity with cotton wool as a precaution and visit our emergency dentist in Dundas, Hamilton, ON, for an emergency procedure.

Breaking a jaw

Though breaking a jaw has little effect on your teeth, it can have a devastating effect on people’s diet and breathing. This is common in America, so if this happens, it would be wise to know what to do.

Medical attention needs to be sought by visiting an emergency dentistry near you.

Breaking or chipping a tooth

This is a common emergency, and it’s usually very serious. If you break or lose your teeth, seek urgent dental care and try as much to save your tooth and show up with it at our emergency dental clinic for treatment. If we cannot repair your tooth, then you might consider an implant or a dental bridge to replace your tooth.

Knocking out your tooth

When you completely knock out a tooth, you have to save that tooth. Put it directly into an airtight container filled with milk or saltwater. Seek emergency dental care to save your tooth within the hour.

Even in a situation where you are not sure, we encourage you to visit our office so that we can better determine the nature of the injury. If you have a tooth infection, we strongly recommended that you seek our specialized care immediately.

Failure to treat a dental emergency in time may cause serious consequences, some of which are life-threatening. Visit Royal East Dental today, so our dentist can make sure you get the care you deserve.

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