A Healthy Smile: Three Dental Issues that You Should Not Ignore
A Healthy Smile: Three Dental Issues that You Should Not Ignore
June 7, 2022

Know about Dental Issues

We all have fears. A traumatic incident brings about some cases. It is the most likely cause of your fear of dentists.

A recent incident involving dental treatment could have triggered your phobia. A bad experience with a previous dentist could have left you with colossal anxiety. However, you should remember that dentophobia puts your oral and overall well-being at risk.

In most cases, people living with a dental phobia do not seek the necessary treatments because they are too afraid to visit their dentist. However, it’s always better to bite the bullet and have your teeth checked, especially if you are suffering any of the following:

Severely Infected Tooth

Medical advances can help save your teeth. However, if you succumb to dentophobia, your teeth might become severely infected. If your tooth has a severe infection, your dentist may have to extract it and replace it with a dental implant or a denture.

If you have a severe dental issues, go to your dentist. The longer you do not have it treated, the higher the risk that you will require further treatment. It is important to go to the dentist while the issue is minor so it can be treated more easily.

Teeth Crowding

Teeth crowding is common in many people. It makes it difficult to floss your teeth or clean around your teeth. If you do not get your teeth cleaned, it will increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The primary cause of teeth crowding is genetics. Many people are born with a small jaw, which causes teeth crowding. If you notice that your lower teeth are not aligned with your upper teeth, you should see your dentist.

A simple appointment will help identify the cause of your tooth crowding. Your dentist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. You can choose between braces and Invisalign, both proven solutions to teeth crowding.

Extremely Fractured Tooth

A broken tooth can be extremely painful. It increases the risk of infections. The longer you wait before treating it, the greater the chances of disease.

It might also be painful to talk and eat because the fractured tooth may have irregular and sharp edges. You may even experience tooth or jaw pain. If you do not seek treatment fast, you may have a severe infection that requires extraction.

If you have one or more fractured teeth, you should visit your dentist. Your dentist can repair the tooth on the same day if your case is not too severe. You can avoid an extraction if your tooth is treated as quickly as possible.


Your fear of the dentist is entirely understandable. However, you should try to explore your concerns and understand why you are afraid of the dentist. Most importantly, you should not allow your fears to dictate your choices about your oral health.

If you have seen any of these dental issues, you should visit Royal East Dental. I am a licensed dentist in Hamilton and can help you with your damaged teeth and your dentophobia, so book an appointment now!

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